Monday, January 19, 2009

Famous Brand logos

Some of the famous brand logos that have captured our mind and have been able to give us top of the mind recall are the ones which are universally known.

The Nike swoosh has been one such golf ball name which has been the main logo which everyone can identify with. It was developed for a mere 35 dollars but it is universally known and recognized.

Another major logo is that of the car manufacturing companies like Jaguar and the Mercedes Benz. The strength of the logos captures the essence of the cars and again they are known worldwide.

Another famous one is the Red Cross and you can recognize it practically anywhere in the world.

Golf as branding opportunity

Corporate logos at prominent places are a must and there have been numerous brands which vie for the sponsorship of golf tournaments like the PGA tour. This gives them instant recognition and the reason is not hard to fathom because golf is associated with the elite so if you want your brand to be recognized all over the elite and business folks the golf is the game.

Sponsors vie to their corporate logo golf balls used in the tournaments and the two reason which drive them are that these logo golf balls are very much on the TV when the tournament is going on plus the logo golf balls are sued by the tournament folks as souvenir is to be given to the players

This is what you call as an exercise in top of the mind recall.

The important thing in marketing a product are the four P's as given by Philip Kotler where he says that Price, Presentation, Positioning and the Process are equally important things to work while designing a marketing strategy or working on a new marketing campaign.

Branding opportunities

Once the logo is done the main task of marketing and advertising is done. The advertising for the logos of course is done by the advertising agency. The agencies usually buy the time from the media marketing agencies and the new brand identity and the logo is marketed to the outside world.

The main theme should be such that it should be easily recognizable and there are one hundred different ways that a brand can be used for the main corporate communications by the company.

Associating the company with a strong personality in the sports world is a given thing nowadays. Take for example Nike and they associated with basketball as a sport and their logo gets a prominent place on the shirts of the basket ball players.

The Branding process

The process involves making sure that you interview the owner of the company as well as the chief executive officer and make sure to understand what they mean by the company and what is the vision of the company.

As marketing folks would understand the four P’s of marketing the designer needs to know what the positioning of the company will be and how it is going to reflect in the logo of the company.

The design services take a lot of time coming up with so many of the designs and the rough sketches and then it is an iterative process as to how a logo should look like and the way the colors should be.

Corporate logos and brand identity

Business logos is an integral part of the brand identity of any company and that is why there is so much emphasis on the logos and the names and the a lot of people who are in the design industry have been at pains to develop something very much in line with the current trends.

There are specialized boutique firms which develop such corporate identity kits these are small specialized boutique firms who do this kind of work.

A lot of firms have sprung in the recent past because of the emphasis on the branding and the identity of the firm and even the way the name of the firm is written. The letters in it portray a special message.